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Revenge Drama Feature Film
2017, 115 minutes

Imprisoned is a revenge drama feature film that takes place in Puerto Rico and involves redemption and revenge. It stars Laurence Fishburne, Juan Pablo Raba, Juana Acosta, Jon Huertas, Esai Morales, Edward James Olmos, and John Heard.


The film was written, directed and produced by Paul Kampf.


The film was produced by Equitas Entertainment Partners, whose mission is to develop compelling and important projects that provide opportunities for the under-served in the film industry while closing the gender pay gap.

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In the thriller, Dylan Burke (Juan Pablo Raba), attempts to move on from his former life as a criminal with his true love, Maria (Juana Acosta). He soon realizes that his past will continue to haunt him when he learns the new local prison warden, Daniel Calvin (Laurence Fishburne), has not forgiven him for a previously committed crime. 
Calvin does everything in his power to make sure that Burke pays for his past mistakes, even going as far as to frame him for a murder he didn’t commit, landing him back in jail. When the prison erupts into a riot, Burke and Calvin are each forced to make a choice between righteousness and revenge.

Written & Directed by Paul Kampf  
Producers Paul Kampf, Luillo Ruiz, Tom Sperry, Holly Levow
Executive Producer Positive Catalyst & Equitas Entertainment
Starring Laurence Fishburne, Juan Pablo Raba, Juana Acosta, John Heard, Esai Morales, Jon Huertas, Edward James Olmos and Ana Isabelle
Run Time 104 minutes 
Language English & Spanish w/English Subtitles
Rating R (for violence, disturbing images, some sexuality and language)

Released in theatres in US & Puerto Rico in 2019 with distribution partners Cinema Libre Studio.

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